• Magnum T-Worm - Soldier #60


    At almost 8 INCHES LONG and 2-3 times the BULK of a normal worm, the MAGNUM T-WORM is a BIG FISH BISCUIT! Tested on our DOUBLE Z TEAM, it brought in over 45 POUNDS on a two day tournament WIN! What can it do for you! When money is on the line or you just need QUALITY fish, this is a MUST HAVE on the your boat. Your live well will look smaller when using the MAGNUM T-Worm. Colors that cant be matched, garlic scented, and high floating action makes this a combination for your success!

    ALSO.. 10% of every package sold goes to help VETERANS with medications, bills, food and clothing needs through our connection with The Precious Cycle organization in Nacogdoches, Texas. Please consider this while placing your order..

    6  worms per bag